Who is the youngest Prime Minister in the world?

youngest Prime Minister Sana Marin

Different political leaders of different countries have reached the highest position by presenting themselves on the political stage for a long time. But there is a slightly different reason why a woman has shocked the whole world as the youngest Prime Minister at just 34 years old, which broke all records in the history of the world. The name of youngest Prime Minister is Sana Marin. full name is Sana Mirela Marin.

Sana Mirela Marin:

Sana Marina is a renowned politician and hardworking woman. He was born on November 16 1985. He has been actively a member and vice-president of the Social Democrats since 2015. In addition to being the party’s vice president, he served as Finland’s Minister of Transport and Communications for several years. The Sanaa Marine won the World Youngest Prime Minister by defeating former Prime Minister Aunty Rinne 32-29 in a vote of confidence by members of the Social Democrats during her time as Transport Minister. The ordinary people of Finland are delighted to have this talented young woman. youngest Prime Minister

Sana Marine Born and Education life:

Marin was born on November 16, 1985, in Helsinki. Espo and after he was born
He also started living in Pirkala.

But later, he left his previous residence and moved to Tampere. Sana’s childhood did not go very well because when Sana was very young, her parents divorced. His family was in financial crisis, and Sana Marin’s father, Laurie Marin, drank heavily.

When Sana’s parents divorced, her mother and a female partner raised her. The family that raised Sana Marin is known as Rainbow.

Sana Pirkala High School graduated in 2004. He enrolled in the administrative department at the University of Tampere and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Sana joined the Social Democratic Party in 2006 as a member. He also served as the team’s president for two long years, from 2010 to 2012.

Sana Marine’s Political Life

Sana Marin participated in and won the 2012 Tampere City Council election. He was re-elected in 2017 after being chairman of the council for 5 consecutive years, and he was re-elected chairman for the second time.

In 2014, the Social Democratic Party elected Sana Marin as its vice president, and in 2015 he was nominated as a member of parliament from Pirkanma district. In 2019
Sanaa Marin won for the second time and was nominated Minister of Transport.

youngest Prime Minister

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When was Sanaa Marine born?

Marin was born on November 16, 1985, in Helsinki.

What is the name of Sana Marin’s house?

The family that raised Sana Marin is known as Rainbow.

What is the name of the Prime Minister of Finland?

Sana Mirela Marin

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