GK Quiz | GK Questions in English with answers

GK Quiz

1) Female Photographer Award 2020 Who benefits?

A. Aishwarya Singh
B. Aishwarya Sridhar
C. Aishwarya Sidhu
D. Not at all

2) Kumar Gandharva in any of the following fields Gain fame?

A. Dance
B. Literature
C. Music
D. Cinema

3) A famous cool water of India Prone to ?

A. Vernag
B. Millennials
C. Anantnag
D. Tatapani

4) National Science Day is ?

A. 18th February
B. 28th February
C. 5th June
D. 7th April

5) U.S. S. Men at the Open 2020 Dominic is the champion in singles Thiem. He is a player of which country?

A. Germany
B. Austria
C. Croatia
D. United States

6) India in the World Hunger Index 2020
How much space has it gained?

A. 102
B. 96
C. 94
D. 107

7) The following is the ministry’s lifeline
Flight ‘project launched?

A. Human resource development
B. Civil flight
C. Science and research
D. Ministry of Home Affairs

8) Development of India and any country
The recent “SLINEX” exercise in the force

A. South Africa
B. Russia
C. Kazakhstan
D. Sri Lanka

9) The pseudonym of Rabindranath Tagore
Used to be –
Anonymous Quiz
A. Vanusingh
B. Parashuram
C. Birbal
D. wildflower

10) The name ‘Reland Garas’ is not a game
Related to –

A. Badminton
B. Football
C. Tennis
D. Riding

11) Which of the following accumulated fruits –

A. Orange
B. Ata
C. Figs
D. jackfruit

12) Discovery of the compound microscope
Who does?

A. Robert Hooke
B. Leuven Hawk
C. Jansen brothers
D. Dujardin

13) In which year does the Shakabda calculation start?

A. 78 AD:
B. 58 AD:
C. 320 AD:
D. 327 AD:

14) Significant contributions to Patriot painting
Hall –

A. Ajanta Painting
B. Mughal painting
C. Rajput painting
D. Painting of Calcutta School

15) Polypeptide chain is –

A. A chain of amino acid groups
B. chain of a phosphate group
C. Chains of polyethylene group
D. Polyester group chains

16) The five circles of the Olympic flag What symbol?

A. Country
B. World peace
C. Continent
D. Sports

17) Who presides over the Rajya Sabha?

A. President
B. Vice President
C. Prime Minister
D. Speaker

18) Fuse wire in the electrical mainline
Is used. This fuse is one of them
Alloys whose components are –

A. Tin and lead
B. Tin and copper
C. lead and zinc
D. Tin and zinc

19) Allahabad in praise of any emperor
Fame has been described?

A. Ashok
B. Harshavardhana
C. Kanishka
D. Samudragupta

SSC GD Questions Most Important General knowledge

20) India’s largest state-owned bank
What’s the name?

A. State Bank of India
B. United Bank of India
C. Reserve Bank
D. Allahabad Bank

21) What is the palace city of India called?

A. Delhi
B. Chennai
C. Calcutta
D. of Bengal.

22) Ayodhya is located on the banks of which river?

A. Brahmaputra
B. Ganges
C. Mustard
D. Jamuna

23) Aga Khan Cup with no game Added?

A. Hockey
B. Cricket
C. Football
D. Rugby

24) India’s first high-speed train
India’s first commercial route
From where to where?

A. Delhi to Varanasi
B. From Delhi to Mumbai
C. From Delhi to Chennai
D. From Delhi to Calcutta

25) Who is given Dronacharya award?

A. Player
B. Ampere
C. Action Instructor
D. Not at all

GK Quiz

26) Where is the first football game in the world Is it?

A. England
B. India
c. America
D. Japan

27) Relative heat is the highest no

A. Kerasin
B. Petrol
C. water
D. Mercury

GK Questions in English | General Science

28) One horsepower = how many watts?

A. 745
B. 749
C. 746
D. 742

29) What is the term of members of Rajya Sabha?

A. 5 years
B. 6 years
C. 3 years
D. 7 years

30) Muhammad Yunus is a new citizen
What is the name of the team?

A. Civil power
B. New energy
C. New Horizons
D. Nabarun team

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Who is given Dronacharya award?

Action Instructor

Aga Khan Cup with no game Added?


National Science Day is ?

28th February

The five circles of the Olympic flag What symbol?


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